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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ready for Accessories?!

In fifteen minutes I'm hosting a jewelry party tonight @ 8:30pm EST. Follow the link and get some great accessories for


Happy Shopping!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Item Spotlight - Elegant Western Lace Long Red Wedding Dress

Who said that a wedding dress has to be white? Its your day, do what you want to do and wear what you want to wear! Hence, this gorgeous Item Spotlight!

Now if you still want to go the traditional route this could make a great bridesmaid dress. Either way its gorg. And if you like it as much as I do click the pick to purchase!

Elegant Western Lace Long Red Wedding Dresses Elegant Western Lace Long Red Wedding Dresses
Elegant Western Lace Long Red Wedding Dresses

Happy Shopping!

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Item Spotlight - Badgley Mischka Randall Open Toe High Heel Pump

This week's 2nd Item Spotlight are these delightfully dainty Badgley Mischka Pumps. They are absolutely gorgeous and come in an array of colors.


Now if you click here you can go directly to their website and pay $200 for these sexy shoes.

They are also available on Amazon and 6pm starting at $59.50.

Happy Shopping!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Item Spotlight - Manuel Mota 2013 Lace Long Sleeved Gabon Bridal Dress

Hello my fabulous fashionista! Get  a look at the first of TWO, (yes I said two), item spotlights. This is the beautiful Gabon gown by Manuel Mota. Isn't it gorgeous?!!!!!! Beautiful lace and aren't those sleeves sexy? I heart this dress. Beautiful vintage look.

While this dress can run you between $1200 - $1800, it is designer after all, you can get the look here for under $300!

Plus, check the sleeve on my dress. Isn't the lace amazing?!
Displaying 20140308_194352.jpg

Happy Shopping!

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Tip of the Week - Sleeves (Wedding Edition)

To sleeve or not to sleeve? That is the question. The second tip in the wedding series is...


My wedding is in December so I chose to have sleeves on my dress. I hate to be cold so sleeves made sense to me. Plus, I like to be unique. The most popular dress style is strapless. Strapless is fine but if you don't have enough to hold it up or too much for it to give support you could be pulling the dress up all night long. Why would you want that when there are many other gorgeous dress options out there that can fit your style.

So lets take a look at some sleeves.

 The most popular sleeve type. It's no sleeves at all

 This type may imply no sleeves but it has straps and some fabric on the neck or shoulders. Think halter or tank  top.

Spaghetti Straps
 This type is thin straps or ribbons. It give the illusion of a dress being strapless but provides support.

Cap Sleeves
 This type of sleeve is flat or puffed and covers the top portion of the shoulder with no fabric under the arms.

Short Sleeves
 This type of sleeve is a sleeve we know well. It covers the arm and ends before the elbow. It can also be flat or puffed.

Elbow-length Sleeves
 This type of sleeve covers from the arm and to the elbow or just below. It is usually done as an illusion sleeve with lace.

Three-quarter Sleeves
 This type of sleeve covers from the shoulder to a few inches below the elbow. Hence their name. This is the sleeve lentgh I chose for my wedding dress because of its vintage feel and this is just my favorite sleeve.

Long Sleeves
 This type of sleeve is also very familiar to us. It covers from the shoulder to the wrist or just below. Therefore, the whole arm is covered. It is usually done as an illusion sleeve with lace. On wedding gowns the sleeve ends are sometimes pointed.

Juilette Sleeves
 A variation on the puffed sleeve. It's most often used by wedding dress designers. It features a puff at the shoulder and a closely fitted long sleeve.

For more great information on wedding dress sleeves click this link!

So now you're saying, I have fallen in love with a strapless dress but now I want sleeves. Well you are in luck! They have bridal jackets that can be added over your dress or you can sew on sleeves to your gown.

 For more options click: Wedding Jackets

Summary Tip: Don't be afraid to wear sleeves!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Item Spotlight - Vera Wang Double Weave Matelasse Floral Gown with Bow Detail

Here is our second item spotlight of the week! Check out this gorgeous dress by Vera Wang!


Look at this beautiful champagne ball gown with bow detailing at the bodice. Strapless double-weave floral matelasse and gorgeous metallic threading detail. It retails for $1,148.00. If you have fallen in love with this beautiful work of art click the pick to purchase!

It is a bit pricey though so look at some of my other favs below. If one strikes your fancy click the pick to purchase!


Happy Shopping!

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Item Spotlight - Alexander McQueen Crystal-Embellished Embroidered Suede Pumps

The wedding season is upon us! As this fashionista is getting married this December (Yay!) I have been looking at a lot of wedding shoes. These are just absolutely divine!

Alexander McQueen Crystal-embellished embroidered suede pumps 

Now the price tag is a little large but everyone needs an embellished shoe in there life :). If this shoe is not in your price range (its definitely not in mine lol) there is a shoe in every range if you know where to look. Check out a few cheaper options below after salivating over these amazing Alexander McQueens!

Lacie - White Satin

If you like what you see, click the picks to purchase!

Happy Shopping!

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Tip of the Week - Dress Styles (Wedding Edition)

This is the first tip in our

June Wedding Series

*Riotous applause* 
Thank you. Thank you. lol

 Anyhoo, this weeks tip is on dress styles. The different dress styles can certainly be overwhelming. My hope with this post is to help you better understand what these styles are and which one may be the best fit for you. So without further ado:

This style should evoke visions of the Little Mermaid. It's that exact concept. Also known as the Trumpet silhouette. Form-fitting, curve-hugging from the waist through to the knee before it flares out at the bottom. It also helps balance one with strong shoulders.

 Body Types: Rectangle (Boy Shape), Hourglass, Inverted Triangle

This style is a fitted bodice that gently flares out at the waist. It is not as poufy as a ball gown but is still meant to fit girls who are a little more bottom heavy like myself. Or it can add some body to those of us who are straight through the hips and want a fuller skirt on the dress.

Body Types: Inverted Triangle, Rectangle (Boy Shape), Hourglass, Triangle (Pear Shape)

This style should remind you of Cinderella. Structured bodice and full skirt. Perfect if you are a really hippy girl and you want to camouflage it or if you want to give more definition to your hips and play up your bust.

  Body Types: All Types

This is a straight silhouette. It is straight from head to toe. It give structure while showing off your curves.

  Body Types: Rectangle (Boy Shape), Hourglass

This high-waisted style is free flowing. This makes it good for those of us with a little bit of stomach or hips or bottoms. Plus, you won't have to wear support garments as its not body hugging. So you can be free! 

Body Types: Triangle (Pear Shape), Apple, Rectangle (Boy Shape)

Remember ladies this is just a guide. Some help with the process from a friend. I am a pear or triangle shape myself and I chose a sheath dress because I didn't want a long train and poofy skirt. lol. It's your day! Do what you wanna do :)

Summary Tip: Find a dress that fits you best and makes you feel like a princess!

Pictures courtesy of David's Bridal